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Right now I've ceased distributing "where-to-go" wildflower information. Private property is being destroyed. Flowers are being trampled. Rude and inconsiderate behavior abounds.

I may change my mind before next season, but for the time being, I no longer wish to participate (however good my intentions) in what I'm observing and hearing about in wildflower locations throughout California.

I have been providing wildflower "where-to" information since 1996, making it easier for folks to see glorious vistas they otherwise wouldn't know about. I am sad to see this come to an end.

It's been a good run. Thank you for having been a part of it. And thank you to all the incredibly generous people who have supplied me with wildflower information for more than a decade.

Please walk gently on this earth. Please respect private property. Please stay on the designated trails. Please do not trample, walk on, roll around in, picnic on, or wallow about in the wildflower fields. Your inadvertently inconsiderate actions today affect years of future wildflower blooms.

Carol Leigh
March 30, 2010

PS. I want to thank everybody who has sent me an e-mail regarding my decision. 85% of those writing completely understand — they're sad, but they understand. 14.5% say they understand but maybe I can use this Wildflower Hotsheet to help educate those who are visiting the wildflower locations to act more responsibly. And then 0.5% of the e-mails want me to bring the Wildflower Hotsheet back RIGHT NOW.

If you'd like to hear my short interview with National Public Radio, here's the link: Click the audio "play" button in the upper left corner.

Thank you, too, for expressing to me how much the Wildflower Hotsheet has meant to you, introducing you to some pretty spectacular wildflower scenery. I'm sad, but I am proud of what I've done over the past 15 years.  — April 8, 2010